To Rebuild Your Home In Today’s Market, Will Your Homeowners’ Insurance Sufficiently Cover The Expense?

Many properties are insured based on values that are vastly underestimated – especially those that have undergone expensive home improvements and renovations. As specialists insuring custom, historic and distinctive properties, Darton understands the complexities these homes can present. Darton is one of few insurance Agents that can provide you with broader, more flexible coverage that is well beyond the industry standards.

For example:

  • Coverage for coastal or remote properties.
  • Complimentary replacement cost appraisal of your home.
  • More comprehensive coverage does not cost more because these companies understand you have the financial ability to maintain your properties and safeguard your collections. Therefore, insurance for a $4 million home is not twice the cost of a $2 million home.
  • Your homeowners plan will provide unlimited coverage to rebuild or repair your home. Standard insurance offers only the policy limit or will extend the policy coverage only 25%.
  • If local, state or federal building codes require costly or mandatory upgrades when rebuilding your home, there is full rather than limited coverage for these added expenses. Standard insurance limits provide as little as 10% of the building expense.
  • If,after a total loss, the decision is not to rebuild or to rebuild in a different location, you can “cash out” and be remunerated  the policy limit. The industry standard requires rebuilding in the same location in order to receive payment.
  • Personal belongings are insured for replacement cost in today’s market. Payment will be made in full whether or not the items are replaced. Standard companies require replacement of each item before paying.
  • If your home is unlivable due to a covered loss, compensation for comparable temporary housing continues for as long as it takes to rebuild. Typical policies limit coverage, often without enough insurance coverage while relocating.