Having the right protection takes the right insurance Agent

Darton offers complete solutions for personal insurance programs. Insurance Agencies often represent one or two of the premium insurance companies that cater to the high net worth market –ACE, AIG, Chubb, Nationwide Private Client, PURE and Berkley One – but Darton is part of an exclusive group of honored agents to work with all five. Having all the choices means Darton can broker an outstanding network of reliable and innovative insurance products that offer unprecedented protection and special access to insider values. These insurance companies understand the most responsible owners and passionate collectors deserve to pay lower premiums without sacrificing quality of coverage or service.

Darton is proud to represent the finest carriers available to safeguard your lifetime of asset building. Discerning owners of custom and historic homes, luxury automobiles, jewelry, fine art and other valuable possessions, benefit from an array of specialized coverage and personalized services few Agents can extend to their clientele.

As Insurance Curators SM, the Darton team understands life is constantly changing and insurance needs must change with it. That is why our clients’ insurance is reviewed and examined regularly. Painstaking care is taken to ask the questions necessary to make certain that coverage matches insurance needs. Any deficiency found, such as missing coverage, under coverage, the need for special coverage or appropriate new products, programs and savings are sent to you in writing.

Darton is comfortable writing insurance in the US and internationally. Placing all your personal insurance with one Agent under a comprehensive program avoids overlapping coverage, duplicate insurance and liability gaps not uncommon when you have several different Agents and many policies. With proper and comprehensive evaluation and continual updates, your insurance will respond as you expect. The time of a claim is not the time to first discover you have an inadequate policy or a deficiency in your insurance coverage. That is no way to safeguard all you hold dear.

No matter what your needs or requirements, let Darton custom tailor exclusive, superior protection. When life presents you with the worst, you can be certain your coverage is the very best available.